Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6 years memory ...Peace broke up

i dunno want to write wat overhere ... Juz wanna express myself here . Some time i think loving each other ... Its about the feeling and fate too... If the fate is gone , the feeling is gone too ... Its juz a memory between me and u ... All u need to do is juz accept the fact ...Wat my feeling now . I feel more much better than last time ... Coz we no need to so suffering when we together .. Many thing is no go by heart ... All is bout responsiblity of official relationship ...After the first broke off , i dun really want to start back again ... Bcoz of that situation , my heart is kind of too soft ...I agree to start over again . But is ok , i dun hate it coz u are really need it so much .And u oredi forget everything u said ... Mean u are not 清醒on tat time .. Second broke up me and u ... I dun think wanna together back again . IF not , we will face the same prob again . JUZ wish to be a good fren with u .. Hope u think same way too ... Peace broke up ....

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