Friday, July 27, 2012

A girl who really makes my life changing

After my last time broke up with my ex- gf . My mind tell me I m not gonna find dancer to be my next girlfriend . I am the person not easy to fall in love with someone . But after i met her , everything is changing . Because she are so special . I met her 4 years ago . But we nvr talk to each other before .This fews month , i juz met her back . We start to talk with each other .I really surprise she is really attract me alot . I like everything about her good and bad . As long wat i know she had a good Heart . I am telling myself she is the one i wanna be with her . Travel with me , fight with me , sharing with me . I know she needs times to understand me better too . Girl , i juz wanna say this to u .I m not prefect guy , But i will be the man who always be with u ,protecting u .Even our distance is a lil bit far . But i m feeling u always in my heart . I was so happy every time we met up . I nvr had this feeling before. My mind telling me ," U are fall in love " Hope u have same feeling too , May be now she still not sure the feeling and decision . Everything will prove by in Times and Fates . I always believe tat.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Target Of my Life

Long time never update my blogs ... Coz its quite busy for something ... For wat, i keep searching the way to reach the target of my life ... Wat is my target , let me tell u . Its so simple .... I wanna earn alot of money .. Then i wanna travel all around the world ... I wanna discover many many thing i never see in my life ... I love street dancing alot ... For sure , i think i love art ... No only dancing , is everything about art . Photo graphy , music and .... I love adventure ...
In my life , i feel i m so lucky . Coz i meet many ppl who willing to help me . But wat i can do now , i gonna work hard myself to build up my STREET NATION Family .... I hope to bring this name to worldwide ... Everyone know about Who we are . Of coz we gonna be united . everyone dun think about the benefit first . We shuld feel lucky and happy coz we can meet together . I m not a good leader , i m not a good talking guy . I only have a good heart . Coz i wont hurt my people . I wont let anyone hurt my family member . If not , i will fxxk u up .. I dun care who are u . Wat is ur status ? For me , everyone is same level .
I was hoping all my family member know wat i m doing now , May be u see me like doing nothing , but i m trying and working up to finding the way . I was stress so much since i open my business . Think u never feel it . Coz u always see smile always . Coz i dun wan ppl to worry bout me . Keeping this feeling for so long . I believe in myself , i will hit my target of life in one day ... Coz i always believe in myself . I never change my decision . NO matter how hard , wat u wanna do , i really dun care ...
For the Malaysia dance culture , i believe its grow up alot .. I was happy about tat , But i hope some ppl dun try to make politic in this culture . Coz I believe Dance is all about enjoy urself . Is
not talking shit to others . Hope everyone is can understand this simple method too . Peace .
For my personal , i really dun need a girlfren now . I believe in fate . If she come , She will come .I need a mature girl . Its so simple ... Juz need to understand me and can take care herself . I dun need a little girl mind thiking . I m not the super romantic guy . But i m the guy who can protect my girl.Even killing me . I believe no every guy can do tat .
I wanna say sorry to my family member . My dad , mum , sis and bro .They are the people support me when i fall in my life. But now i taking so long time to accomplish my mission . Hope they can keep on supporting me .Without them , I wont have today too...Dad , mum , sis , bro... I love u all so much ... <3<3<3
Juz wana shout out my feeling here ...
I believe everyone got their target of life ... Definitely all is different , But i choose this . I believe i m right . Hope u guys can achieve ur target of ur life too...

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yo , ALL the BBoys and Bgirls... Dancers ... Everyone outthere ...Good News ... Coz That is two legendary BBoy ( HRC TAiwan) Is coming to Malaysia to having a BBoy Workshop here ... Here is the detail for the workshop and video ... Dun miss it ...
LIMITED PLACE , Faster booking now

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ORANGE橘子,生日快乐。。。。。 Forever21

最近认识了一位女孩,她名字叫ORANGE橘子,觉得她性格和我满像。所以有好多东西谈。出生在KEPONG,KL。但个性像KAMPUNG GIRL。哈哈。这可是一件好事哦。KAMPUNG GIRL比较善良吗。但她可满顽皮。

181010 是她21岁生日。当然她好忙咯。哈哈。



Korean BBQ

哦。烧酒。ORANGE cant tahan the taste , haha


ORANGE橘子gonna finish all



CApture for fun ,SYioK sendiri

After dinner session , until the restaurant also wanna close already ... WE move to another place call Look Out Point .. Second round pula

OOOO... Like this photo .. CLick Like ... So nice

The real Orange in da house ..



CHit chat 到大约1点多。就送橘子(寿星婆)回家咯。。。

p/s:After u see this blogs , may be u guys will think we are couple ... But no wor ... Dun misunderstanding o .. We juz good fren..HAHA
AGAIN ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY To u ...ORANGE 橘子。no cake for u . But i sing a song for u ..haha..Dun post ar

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6 years memory ...Peace broke up

i dunno want to write wat overhere ... Juz wanna express myself here . Some time i think loving each other ... Its about the feeling and fate too... If the fate is gone , the feeling is gone too ... Its juz a memory between me and u ... All u need to do is juz accept the fact ...Wat my feeling now . I feel more much better than last time ... Coz we no need to so suffering when we together .. Many thing is no go by heart ... All is bout responsiblity of official relationship ...After the first broke off , i dun really want to start back again ... Bcoz of that situation , my heart is kind of too soft ...I agree to start over again . But is ok , i dun hate it coz u are really need it so much .And u oredi forget everything u said ... Mean u are not 清醒on tat time .. Second broke up me and u ... I dun think wanna together back again . IF not , we will face the same prob again . JUZ wish to be a good fren with u .. Hope u think same way too ... Peace broke up ....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LOUD FEST Concert@Autocity (Butterworth)

Hi, EveryOne ...Really long long time never come to update my blogs ...
Ya ... This time gonna to post the journey to Penang with Tihau , Orange 橘子,Ayumi , TingDongBELL , Tiong Tiong . Some of them is just first time follow me to perform . But they really done good job ...

Before one day , Ayumi and Ting Dong BELL come to my house overnite , coz the next day morning we got to move at early morning ...

25 sept , sat morning 930 am

Go to pick Tiong tiong at Kinrara, then go to Subang pick Tihau , coz he juz finish his final exam .So pity my boy . HAHA

Go to Jejantas Sungai Buluh pick Orange
橘子. Another pity girl .. Wait us almost one hour there . Ok .. Go Penang treat u makan ... Guai . SO now , start our journey to penang.

ABout 3 and half hours drive , we reach the destination AUTO CITY . Now prepare to rehearsal

Orange @ 橘子 , Dun kena tipu by her photo


Orange , Chinese KUNG Fu ar ...(螳螂拳)

Lets welcome THe Rocker from School Brotherz - Tiiiiii Hauuuuuuuu

OOO ...Tiong Tiong is So Rock .. Love this

Ting Dong BELL aka 奶妈

Self made 退烧贴


REHEARSAL WITH BY 2 ( Singapore )

After rehearsal , already 4 pm . Our show venue at Autocity ,Butterworth . But hotel at Batu Feringgi. .But we still havent eat . Hmmm . Tao pao MCD eat at car while on da way to hotel Flamingo...Wuhoooo . Super Rush

Reach Flamingo Hotel lo , Waaahhh ... This Hotel is super dope ...
Some more our unit is Apartment style .. 3 room with living room and kitchen ... DAmn DAmn nice .. All room can see the beach view ...

After preparation , 出发to AUTOCITY 咯

Cute cute Tiong Tiong

Orange 橘子 , this girl is very super naughty ...

Tihau ...The best locker in Town .HAHA.. We are school Brotherz

TR Crew ( Tanjung Rambutan Crew )
Orange 橘子is the founder
Ayumi is super fans ...

国辉。Nice shy guy
Y i look so funny ..like牙檫嗖

I think they too hungry liao

Ayumi aka mimi, Japanese style girl


噢。。Tihau so happy ...

Wah ...see their face ... Totally change o

After our back up show ..Darren bring us to Vip area have drink session

Wuuuu ...This is nice

Darren .. Who bring us to vip room and helping taking photo ...Thanks Darren ...He is nice guy

After drink...Oooo... Vogue session... Waiting for finale

MY old buddy ,温力铭


徐佳莹(Taiwan artist )

Orange 橘子 在找什么哦。
看Tiong tiong ..哈哈


DAncer always the most excited wan...

Take with artist and penang FANS

庆功宴。。半夜吃SUSHI 。。厉害。。。(TAO Sushi)

TR Crew again...
HAHA... Me and orange go to buy 12 bottle beer .. Going to have second session at Hotel .haha

Tiong tiong is damn cute

Yeah ... second round pula

Super cool 凉拖



Ting DOng BELL ... Stop doing this

Funny pose

Ti hau ...U kap si ar


Drink from nite till morning .... damn damn blur

Horse ride ...Geng ar

Go to kei lo shi makan laksa ... Ayumi so cute

Orange 橘子



Flying bird ...haha


AFter kei lok si , we go to ipoh find my homies , famous crew ...MAKAN MALAM 。芽菜鸡

cant tahan liao ... SUdah Hungry ...See their face
Tiong tiong:O O O ... Lai liao

ORANGE 橘子 口水要跑出来了

花果山美猴王。。。 我还要

CHUNG DI DI is damn blur ... haha
After Ipoh ... Gonna drive and fetch one by one go back .. damn tired .. But enjoy ... Great Journey ....Gonna miss it