Monday, March 21, 2011

Target Of my Life

Long time never update my blogs ... Coz its quite busy for something ... For wat, i keep searching the way to reach the target of my life ... Wat is my target , let me tell u . Its so simple .... I wanna earn alot of money .. Then i wanna travel all around the world ... I wanna discover many many thing i never see in my life ... I love street dancing alot ... For sure , i think i love art ... No only dancing , is everything about art . Photo graphy , music and .... I love adventure ...
In my life , i feel i m so lucky . Coz i meet many ppl who willing to help me . But wat i can do now , i gonna work hard myself to build up my STREET NATION Family .... I hope to bring this name to worldwide ... Everyone know about Who we are . Of coz we gonna be united . everyone dun think about the benefit first . We shuld feel lucky and happy coz we can meet together . I m not a good leader , i m not a good talking guy . I only have a good heart . Coz i wont hurt my people . I wont let anyone hurt my family member . If not , i will fxxk u up .. I dun care who are u . Wat is ur status ? For me , everyone is same level .
I was hoping all my family member know wat i m doing now , May be u see me like doing nothing , but i m trying and working up to finding the way . I was stress so much since i open my business . Think u never feel it . Coz u always see smile always . Coz i dun wan ppl to worry bout me . Keeping this feeling for so long . I believe in myself , i will hit my target of life in one day ... Coz i always believe in myself . I never change my decision . NO matter how hard , wat u wanna do , i really dun care ...
For the Malaysia dance culture , i believe its grow up alot .. I was happy about tat , But i hope some ppl dun try to make politic in this culture . Coz I believe Dance is all about enjoy urself . Is
not talking shit to others . Hope everyone is can understand this simple method too . Peace .
For my personal , i really dun need a girlfren now . I believe in fate . If she come , She will come .I need a mature girl . Its so simple ... Juz need to understand me and can take care herself . I dun need a little girl mind thiking . I m not the super romantic guy . But i m the guy who can protect my girl.Even killing me . I believe no every guy can do tat .
I wanna say sorry to my family member . My dad , mum , sis and bro .They are the people support me when i fall in my life. But now i taking so long time to accomplish my mission . Hope they can keep on supporting me .Without them , I wont have today too...Dad , mum , sis , bro... I love u all so much ... <3<3<3
Juz wana shout out my feeling here ...
I believe everyone got their target of life ... Definitely all is different , But i choose this . I believe i m right . Hope u guys can achieve ur target of ur life too...

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  1. Hey bob, i ve been read this. your problem actually same like me. i just wanna said.. good luck everything especially your target of ur life, i m still young boy i think, cause this years is last years for going to school. i m in form 5 and just know taking about O'level in brunei. i wish too my target can bring my future to help my crew. :) i just wanna share too want i felt just now. so have a nice days :)