Friday, July 27, 2012

A girl who really makes my life changing

After my last time broke up with my ex- gf . My mind tell me I m not gonna find dancer to be my next girlfriend . I am the person not easy to fall in love with someone . But after i met her , everything is changing . Because she are so special . I met her 4 years ago . But we nvr talk to each other before .This fews month , i juz met her back . We start to talk with each other .I really surprise she is really attract me alot . I like everything about her good and bad . As long wat i know she had a good Heart . I am telling myself she is the one i wanna be with her . Travel with me , fight with me , sharing with me . I know she needs times to understand me better too . Girl , i juz wanna say this to u .I m not prefect guy , But i will be the man who always be with u ,protecting u .Even our distance is a lil bit far . But i m feeling u always in my heart . I was so happy every time we met up . I nvr had this feeling before. My mind telling me ," U are fall in love " Hope u have same feeling too , May be now she still not sure the feeling and decision . Everything will prove by in Times and Fates . I always believe tat.